How to Cure Chest Pain

Chest pain is one of the most frightening pains as some of its causes are particularly dangerous and might be fatal. But there are also many other causes which are not so dangerous. Whenever anyone feels chest pain, he thinks of heart attack or angina; but there are many other abnormalities which can cause chest pain. Chest pain should never be taken lightly, and you should take immediate actions to cure chest pain.

As mentioned earlier chest pain can be caused by a group of abnormalities. Heart attack and angina are the leading causes which are caused by blockage of blood supply to heart muscles and lack of oxygen. Other reasons can be due to any abnormality in the functioning of the organs which are under the chest. This can be due to problems in lungs, heart, esophagus, stomach, pancreas or gall bladder. All these organs are vital, so you should go to a doctor to cure chest pain immediately.

In the case when chest pain appears as a result of heart attack, you should give aspirin to patient while waiting for the ambulance. Patient who feels chest pain due to angina is advised to take nitroglycerin tablets. If the pain persists, another tablet should be taken. In the case of chest pain caused by an abnormality in esophagus you should take antacids to stop the acid reflux. This is the self care treatment that is advised by the doctors at home before you go to the hospital.

Medical treatment for chest pain caused due to heart attack involves using aspirin and in severe cases angioplasty is advised. In pulmonary embolism treatment patient is given oxygen and other medication to avoid blood clotting. Chest pain caused by pneumonia is treated by antibiotics. Doctors now follow different techniques to cure chest pain. So, whenever you feel it, don't hesitate to rush to the hospital.


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